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William Durkin
PowerShell for the DBA:
Why I love my inner pig-dog
Who am I?
William Durkin
Data Platform Architect @ CloudDBA.io
10+ Years with SQL Server
DBA / System Architect
Data Platform MVP (March 2017)
[email protected]
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13:45 Track 1
„Das super nerdige Solisyon Film- und Serienquiz“
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“I will always choose a lazy person to do a
difficult job because a lazy person will find
an easy way to do it”
-Bill Gates
PowerShell for DBAs
PowerShell script library
(200+ commands)
PowerShell for DBAs
Standardized Reports for DBAs
Backup & System Maintenance
Ola Hallengren
One-stop script library
Open Query Store
Query Store without SQL 2016
Alpha-version: 2008R2+
Targer: 2005 - 2014
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5 Jahre SQL Saturday
an der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
SQLSat Bruzzler - Grillparty
Würstchen & Bier ab ca. 19.00 Uhr
am Ende der Hochschulstraße
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