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LaukuTea BriefHistory

In the countryside of Latvia, far from the processing
In 2015, Judith Galles was searching for the fresh herbal
and factories used by commercial tea producers,
teas her European parents always spoke of. She was
every petal, leaf and berry on Ozolini farm is planted,
welcomed to Ozolini farm, where she worked for a
harvested, and packaged by hand.
summer with Brigita and her daughter-in-law, Evita. She
felt the love and gratitude the Lukina family infused into
each blend first-hand. By bringing Lauku Tea to the U.S.,
Judith hopes to share that love and the refreshing flavor
of the forests and meadows of Latvia.
Ozolini Farm in Latvia
It all began in 1977, when Brigita Lukina found a recipe
for fermented apple leaf tea in an old cookbook. She
stuffed a clay pot full of leaves from the farm’s trees
and left them warming in the bread oven overnight.
The delicious fragrance that filled her kitchen the next
Lauku Teas are entirely natural and take their flavor
morning told Brigita she had found something special.
from the soil, rain and sunshine of each growing season.
Brigita searched for more heirloom recipes in books
There is no warehouse of goods, and old product is
and studied the herbs, leaves and berries that grew
never used.
naturally on Ozolini. She created more blends and
Unlike other herbal blends, Lauku Tea doesn’t depend
shared them with others. Demand for her tea quickly
on added flavors, oils or spices for taste. The taste
grew and Lauku Tea was born in 1992.
comes solely from nature—the leaves, petals and
berries of Northern Europe. As a result, the flavor is
softer, smoother, and of course, delicious.
Pure Organic Herbal
Blends from our Meadows
and Gardens in Latvia
Evita and Brigita Lukina,
Stewards of Ozolini Farm
co nta ct info:
Judith G a l l e s
( 2 62 ) 501-6501
j ud i t h @l a uk ute a . co m
l a uk ute a . co m
LV-BIO-01, Agriculture, Latvia
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