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27-Huge cockroaches everywhere

Huge cockroaches everywhere, Soviet repairs, a few of space. At first it was difficult. But it was
fun, now I have something to remember. There I met people of different nationalities, got
acquainted with their culture, customs, it was very interesting for meYes, – Ukrainian education
is at the quite high level, I think. Yes, of course, you can buy education. I will obtain an
international diploma, respectively, I could work anywhere in the world with such a diploma
which is of big importance for me. And knowledge and skills will be are applied to this diploma, if
to study with conscience and not to “buy” education (but it is cool idea to buy essay from top
websites to pay for a paper CheetahPapers.com). – To feel normal, not to show off and not to
infringe yourself, for normal life I need about 9-10 thousand hryvnias. Earlier you could normally
live for 200 dollars, but today it is very difficult to do. Given that the dollar rate has increased by
3 times, I think, that life here is very expensive compared with average earnings. Of course, I
have the means to pay the tuition ($4,000 per year for foreigners). But in terms of life, I feel a bit
like an normal Ukrainian. – What do you think almost debasement in Ukraine? – At the college,
for illustration, from the exceptionally starting of the semester we as of now know how much it'll
fetched for us one or another teach. n Tunisia, the circumstance with debasement is indeed
more regrettable than here.But again, everyone has a choice – to pay or receive knowledge.
IFor five years we have changed five presidents and 138 ministers and the current president is
91 years old. You understand that to stop corruption in such conditions it is extremely difficult.
What about corruption in Ukraine, of course, it exists in considerable quantities. I personally
worked as hookah-maker and cooked Shawarma, I can not say that it was difficult, just some
earnings are also in need. Of course, I want to have my studies finished and earn money by
myself, but to everything there is a season. Generally your people are quite tolerant in this
matter. I think if you act according to your conscience, the question of nationality will not appear.
Good and bad people exist in any country. – I like Kharkiv, like Ukraine.– Have you been
touched by a few kind of our generalizations and bigotry? – Yes, there's a generalization in
Kharkiv that all remote understudies at all stuff their pockets with cash, but I’ll tell you, it is so
distant from the reality.Racism does not concern me, it is more related to Nigerians. – Title the
things which you'd like to alter in Ukraine, and, on the opposite, the things that you just
appreciate here.I have been in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporizhia and Lviv.And I found Kharkiv
very comfortable for me. I like your people. They are independent, that is. Tunisia is an Islamic
country where people revere the traditions and order. There is such a sense of freedom here.It’s
your custom to regard the others’ conclusion, not to force your own.Also I like snow in Ukraine,
you know, final summer, there was over 55-57 degrees in Tunisia, but I rapidly got utilized to the
nearby climate. Ordinarily I go domestic to Tunisia in summer, and spend winters in Ukraine. I
like that there are numerous places to go out, I like theaters, musical dramas.But I have the
double pairs from 9 to 5 and then another two hours of German three times per week. But when
I have time, it is pleasure to know that there is a choice of a cultural evening. And, of course, I
like the Ukrainian cuisine. – What are your plans for the future? – After graduation I’m going to
go home with a diploma(!), then study another 2 years there to have an additional internal
diploma as well. I am the eldest son in the family, respectively, I have to do what I must do.By
the age of 30, I will open my possess drug store, I hope.To back them… In spite of the fact that,
who knows, possibly I will get hitched to a Ukrainian young lady and come domestic not alone)
– Thank you so much for your open and positive mind-set. We wish you never halt at what you
have got accomplished and proceed to create your abilities. Great luckiness, Ramy!
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