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1) 2., 4., 5., 7,
2) young people, internet/website, not experts
3) text formal, my text not formal, describe some vocabulary for people who dont know these words
b) headlines
4.) Energiewende: term for changing energy sources from fossil-based to a future sustainable.
The demand for an energy transition has become more popular in the last couple of years. But why is
necessary to have an energy transition meaning to move from a fossil-based energy economy, like
burning coal, to a future sustainable economy, such as the use of hydropower, solar- and wind
energy. I have found a text from agora-energiewende which is about the risks if we continue to use
the same energy sources and how Germany will handle it
The radioactive waste coming from nuclear energy is extremly poisonous and we have not find a
solution yet how to manage it. The use of nuclear energy is also unpredictable, if we take a look at
the nuclear disaster in Tschernobyl und Fukushima, which lead to the deaths of uncountable living
beings and contaminated areas. Additionally the combustion fossil-based energy are the main reason
for the current climate change, because they encourage the rising temperature. Also fossil-based
resources are scarce resources, resulting into an ever-increaysing price.
In Germany it has been decided to stop using nuclear energy sources until 2022 and expand the use
of sustainable energy sources.
I hope that I have given you a good insight about the necessary energy transition. Thank you for
attention, do you have any questions?