Hochgeladen von Wilhelm Messerschmidt

HA Kopie

Emil Grapenthin
Step 1
- First impression: humourous
- About a little boy telling a story
- Topic: Media
Step 2
- Young boy sitting at a desk
- Seems very interested
- Tells he is digital native, his parents digital immigrants and his grandparents
digital retards
Step 3
- Issue: How different generations interact with digital devices
- Makes fun of older generations
- “Something you are born with becomes natural”
Step 4
- Criticizes the problems on using digital devices with different ages effectively
- Kid is telling the story  Kids don’t lie
The problem of the cartoon is that a younger age doesn’t necessarily mean a better control
with digital devices. Some older people invented all those devices, and they know much more
about it than the younger ones. Younger generations are likely to know how to use those
devices but don’t know how they work and how to repair them.
What about the degree of media literacy in your family?
In my family everyone has a smartphone, even my grandparents. My mum and my
grandparents only know basic stuff, but they all know how to use their devices properly.
When they get problems, they ask me or my dad to help them.
Emil Grapenthin
Video notes
The plural of medium, or multiple mediums,
so to speak.
Media messages:
The values and ideas that are promoted by the media,
the things that get put into them.
A substance or a method in which something is
communicated. It’s the vehicle for a message.
Media effects:
Their influences and consequences on audiences.
Media literacy:
The ability to Access, Analyze, Evaluate, Create
and Act using all forms of communication.
Textual determinism:
The idea that a message’s meaning is inevitably sent
and received in its entirety, just as intended, every time.
Albert Einstein:
„I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction.
The world will have a generation of idiots.”
 Spending more time with technology decreases our intelligence
Our brain doesn’t have to remember things
No evidence he ever said this
when we have everything to know inside our
Less social interaction decreases our social
Possibility to come to more knowledge easier
Less real-life adventures and experiences
New ways to learn stuff