Curriculum Vitae - Theory and Logic Group

Curriculum Vitae
Personal Data:
Date of Birth:
Michael Kompatscher
Institut für Computersprachen
Theory and Logic Group
Technische Universität Wien
Favoritenstraße 9/E1852
1040 Wien
[email protected]
December 3rd 1989 in Bozen, Italy
Dec 2014 - present
PhD-Studies in Mathematics, TU Wien, supervised by Michael
2012 - 2014
Master of Science (Dipl.-Ing.), Mathematics in Science and
Technology, TU Wien, passed with distinction
Master thesis: “Counterexamples to three conjectures about
categoricity” supervised by Martin Goldstern
2008 - 2012
Bachelor of Science, Mathematics in Science and Technology,
TU Wien, passed with distinction
2003 - 2008
A-Levels Realgymnasium Bozen (Liceo Scientifico in lingua
tedesca), passed with distinction
Research interests
Model theory, universal algebra, theoretical computer science,
constraint satisfaction problems, Ramsey theory
Academic career
All positions so far at TU Wien:
Dec 2014 – present
Research fellow at the Theory and Logic group,
founded by the projects P24725, I836-N23 and (mainly)
P27600 of the Austrian science fond (FWF),
Mar 2014 – Nov 2014 Undergraduate teaching assistant at the Institute of
Discrete Mathematics and Geometry
Oct 2011 – Feb 2014
Tutor, Exercises for chemistry students
„Mathematik für TCH Übung I & II“
“A complexity dichotomy for poset constraint satisfaction” , arXiv:1603.00082, with Trung Van Pham
“Uncountably many maximal subgroups of Sym(N) via reducts of
Henson digraphs.” arXiv:1509.07674, with Lovkush Agarwal
“A counterexample to the reconstruction of omega-categorical
structures from their endomorphism monoids.” arXiv:1510.00356,
with Manuel Bodirsky, David Evans and Michael Pinsker
Master thesis
“Counterexamples to three conjectures about categoricity”
supervised by Martin Goldstern, TU Wien, 2014.
Selected talks
May 2016
Feb 2016
Dec 2015
Nov 2015
Oct 2015
Jun 2015
Apr 2015
„CSPs over the random partial order“, AAA92, Prague
„2^⍵ many maximal-closed subgroups of Sym(⍵) via
Henson digraphs“, at New Pathways between Group Theory and
Model Theory in Mülheim, Germany
„Maximal subgroups of Sym(⍵) via Henson digraphs“
in the KAFKA seminar, Charles University Prague
„A counterexample on the reconstruction of oligomorphic clones“, at Banff IRS workshop on Homogeneous structures
„Algebraic methods in constraint satisfaction“
at Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica
„Endomorphism monoids of omega-categorical structures“,
at TACL 2015, Ischia, Italy
„Endomorphism monoids of omega-categorical structures“,
International Seminar of the Institut für Algebra, TU Dresden
Other work experience
Jul - Aug 2012,
Feb, Aug 2013,
Feb 2014
Internships Verbund Trading AG
(Risk Management)
Jul 2011
Internship Erste Group AG (Security Management)
Jul - Aug 2010
Internship Siemens Österreich (IT Solutions and Services)
German (native language), Italian (fluent), English (fluent)
Programming skills
Latex, C, Matlab, Maple, R, MS Office, VBA, Web development (HTML, JavaScript, PHP,
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