Hochgeladen von sebastiankapusta


In death by violence, observe the Genethliacal positions of the [Su and [Mo, how they are affected by
the malefics, and how the [Su and [Mo are concerned by Directions in the quality of death. In
Countries where Wars and Violence are unknown, people born with maps indicating a violent death
usually die a natural death, but in Countries where Wars and Violence predominate, they usually meet
an untimely death, and even under slight afflictions. The most desperate men and worthless of people
are generally the most anxious to engage in violent, hazardous, and dangerous enterprises. The [sq and
[opp asps. of the [Su to the Significators are the aspects of infamy and contempt, and lead often to a
violent death, suicide, or public execution. The [sq and [opp asps. of the [Mo, to a violent death by
mobs, riots, etc. The following influences tend to a violent death ―
The SUN or [Mo to the [conj or ill-asp. [Ma by dir., and the radix be a violent one, and the Lights affl.
by [Ma at B.; the [Su or [Mo to the [conj or ill-asps. [Ma by dir., and affl. the hyleg, or [Ma affl. the
[Su or [Mo at B.; the [Su or [Mo [sq or [opp [Ma from angles, and espec. from the 10th or 4th; the [Su
and [Mo affl. by a malefic, and with no assistance from [Ju or ♀; the [Su affl. by one malefic, and the
[Mo by another; the [Su or [Mo in violent signs, as in [Ari, [Sco, or [Cap, or the afflicting planets be in
violent signs; the [Su or [Mo alone affl. by more than one malefic, and no assistance from the
benefics; [Su Sig. [conj [Sa or [Ma, and these malefics ill-dig. at B.; [Su Sig. □ or [opp [Ma; the [Su
near violent fixed stars, or having their declination, and affl. at same time by [Sa or [Ma, great danger
if the benefics do not interfere; the [Su or [Mo affl. by malefics in the 1, 4, 6, 8, or 10th houses; the
[Su or [Mo affl. by one or more malefics, and one of the Luminaries, or one of the malefics be in a
violent sign; both the [Su /// and [Mo affl. by a malefic, and one Luminary oriental; [Su Sig. □ [Ma,
and if [Sa or [Ur also add their testimony by disposing of the [Su at the same time, the danger is
greater, and almost certain death; the [Su or [Mo affl. by [Ma, and [Ma elevated above the Lights; the
[Su and [Mo affl. by anaretic bodies; the [Su in the 8th H. [conj or ill-asp. [Ma; [Su joined with
Aldebaran, Antares, Ascelli, Bellatrix, Castor, Pollux, Caput Algol, Hercules, Hyades, Pleiades,
Praesepe, or Regulus, or any eminent star of the nature of [Ma, threatens a violent death, or extreme
the MOON sepr. from [Ma, and applying to the [Su; [Mo sepr. from the [Su, and applying to [Ma in a
day geniture; [Mo decr., sepr. from [Ma, and applying to [Sa; [Mo decr., sepr. from [Ju and applying
to [Sa or [Ma, and espec. in a nocturnal nativity; [Mo applying to [Ma at B., or conjoined with him in
a day nativity; [Mo Sig. [conj [Ma; [Mo Sig. □, [opp [Sa or [Ma; [Mo with Antares, and in [opp [Sa
and Aldebaran; the [Mo to the □ or [opp the [Su if the radix show a violent death; the [Mo in the 8th
H., and affl. by [Ur, [Sa, or [Ma; the [Mo conjoined with Antares, Aldebaran, Caput Algol, Cor Leo,
Bellatrix, or Pollux; the full [Mo sepr. from [Ma and apply. to [Me in a day nativity;
NEPTUNE affl. in the 8th H., and may be by drowning or suffocation, or in a riotous manner if [Ne is
URANUS affl. in the 8th H., violent death, as by explosion, gas, machinery, lightning, or electricity;
SATURN or [Ma in the 8th H., and affl. the [Su, [Mo, or hyleg; [Sa Sig. to the [conj or ill-asps. the
[Su or [Ma by dir.; [Sa with Regulus; [Sa and [Ma, and evil or violent fixed stars affl. the hyleg; [Sa
and [Ma in [Gem, [Vir, [Aqu, or [Sag, and in □ or [opp the [Su or [Mo; [Sa [conj or [opp the [Su or
[Mo from card. signs, and [Ma conjoined to [Sa; [Sa Sig. □ or [opp the [Su or [Ma; [Sa and [Ma
having dignities in Anaretic Places, or □ or [opp the [Su or [Mo at B.; [Sa and [Ma both attacking the
[Su or [Mo, or one of them, by dir., and at the same time the malefics or Asc. be afflicted, and with a
malefic in the 8th H. as additional testimony; [Sa Sig., ill-dig., and [conj [Ma; [Sa or [Ma in the 4th or
10th H., and in □ or [opp the [Su or [Mo;
JUPITER Sig. □ or [opp [Ma, a violent death by blows, wounds, or resistance to robbers;
MARS [conj or ill-asp. the [Mo, and [Sa in like asp. to the [Su from angles; [Ma and [Sa in the 8th H.,
and affl. the hyleg; [Ma [conj, □, or [opp [Sa, and espec. when neither are essentially dignified; [Ma
the ruling planet, or ruler of the Asc.; [Ma affl. in the 8th H.; [Ma sole ruler at a Solar Eclipse, many
violent deaths generally; [Ma [conj, □, [opp [Mo, and at same time [Sa be in angle in [conj or ill-asp.
the [Su; [Ma affl. the [Su or [Mo, or one Light only, by [conj or ill-asp., and be elevated above it; [Ma
in a violent sign at B., and affl. the hyleg; [Ma [conj or ill-asp. the [Su; [Ma [conj the [Su or [Mo in the
1st, 6th, 8th, or 10th H., and espec. if [Ur or [Sa add their evil testimony to [Ma; [Ma with the
Pleiades; [Ma on the Asc. at B., and affl.; [Ma in angles and affl. the [Su or [Mo, and espec. the [Su;
[Ma and [Sa both having dignities in the Anaretic Place, or when [sq or [opp the [Su and [Mo at B.;
[Ma affl. the [Su and the [Su be weak and ill-dig.;
MERCURY mixing his beams with [Ma is an argument for a violent death;
lord of the Asc. affl. by [Sa or [Ma at B., or by dir.; [SN in the 8th H.; the Asc. affl. by the □ or [opp
of [Sa and [Ma at B., or by dir., and espec. if the Asc. be hyleg;
the M.C. to the [conj, P., [sq or [opp [Ma, and espec. if [Ma be lord of the 8th H. at B., and the radix
promotes it; the M.C. directed to Nebulous Stars, the Pleiades, Praesepe, the Ascelli, Hyades, The
Twins, Shoulders of Orion, Auriga's Right Shoulder, Medusa's Head, Hercules, and Markab;
Lion's Heart joined to the [Su or [Mo at B.; Markab, a violent star, joined to the [Su, [Mo, or [Ma at
B.; eminent FIXED STARS of the nature of [Ma in an angle with the [Su at B.; Aldebaran [conj [Sa,
[Ma, [Su or [Mo, and espec. in the Asc.;
the MALEFICS in [conj or [opp lords of the anaretic places, and if one or more malefics attack the
[Su or [Mo; a malefic being Anareta, and elevated above the Lights; a malefic planet in the 8th H. and
afflicted; in Horary Questions, malefic planets lord of the 8th, or in the 8th, or affl. the cusp of the 8th
by [sq, [conj, or [opp; a malefic on the cusp of the 7th, or in the 1st or 8th, and affl. the [Su or [Mo, or
both; lord of the 8th a malefic, and in the 8th, or afflict cusp of 8th; malefics in [opp asp. from angles,
and in cardinal or violent signs; two malefics in ill-asp. to, and attacking the same Luminary; violent
planets, as [Ne, [Ur, [Sa and [Ma, in violent signs at B., and affl. the hyleg; malefics affl. the [Su or
[Mo, and elevated above the Lights; lord of the 8th affl. by malefics; lord of the 8th a malefic, and in
the 8th, and affl. by lord of the 6th or 12th, and espec. if the lord of the Asc. or the hyleg, are afflicted;
lord of the 8th in the 10th, and lord of the 8th, a malefic, and lord of the 10th affl. by lord of the 8th;
lord of the 8th in the 6th; the malefics having dignity in the anaretic places, or in [sq or [opp the [Su or
[Mo at B.; the hyleg affl. by planets angular, and elevated above them; the sign on cusp the 8th a
violent sign, or if the [Su, [Mo, or lord of the 8th be in a violent sign, or malefics in the 8th in evil asp.
to lord of the Asc., the [Su or [Mo from violent signs; malefics in the 10th H., or the Significator evilly
disposed; lord of the 10th in the 8th; the 2nd Dec. of [Tau on the Asc. denotes violence; 28° [Sag on
the Asc.; the 15° of cardinal signs, the 25° of fixed signs, and the 26° of mutable signs, are classed as
violent areas, and malefics, or planets in these degrees at B. tend to a violent death, as by murder or
(See ''Causes His Own Death" under Death; "Own Worst Enemy" under Enemies; the various
paragraphs in this section)
Cases of Violent Death ― See "Medici", No. 527; "Sebastian'', No.
576; "Villiers", No. 647, all in 1001 N.N.