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26-The foreigner’s testimony

The foreigner’s testimony: how is it to live and Study in Ukraine? By Kateryna Zaika - Jan 29,
2016 Thousands of foreign students study in Kharkiv. In common, they are from Turkmenistan,
China and African nations. Long time as Kharivens got utilized to the youthful individuals on the
boulevards with excessive hairdos and other abnormal properties for our country’s culture,
effectively lease them lofts and don't get frightened within the healing centers where outside
specialists do commonsense preparing. But what makes outside understudies tick, what they’re
considering around, what they are disappointed or fulfilled with, small is known. We talked with a
understudy of the National College of Drug store, a Tunisian fellow, Ramy Bouguerra, and
inquired him to compare the considers and life in Ukraine and Tunisia.Ramy Bouguerra is 24
years old. Born in the Tunisian city of Gafsa. He likes to memorize dialects, knows Arabic,
French, English, Russian, as of now is learning German. Needs to gotten to be a drug
specialist. Ramy, tell us, if you don't mind, how did you make the choice to go to ponder to
Ukraine and, in specific, Kharkiv? – That’s very a enormous story. I went through two a long
time examining designing at domestic, but, frankly, there are some prospect with such a calling.
I had no plausibility to imagine superior calling since of my school marks. During my studies I
become an activist, I wrote articles about what I wanted, just expressed my personal opinion. I
did not create any movement, I was a lone wolf. Finally, I was sent down from the university for
my “opinion”. And the time has come to think where I would continue my studies. I chose
Ukraine because in comparison with education in Europe ans Russia, Ukraine wins significantly
in terms of cheapness of education (if you pay for studying cheaply you have to be prepared for
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its quality does not suffer. Next Kharkiv. I listened that Kharkiv is the city of understudies, as well
as that there individuals talk Russian, not Ukrainian, what was exceptionally vital for me, since,
indeed not knowing Russian, I needed to be closer to it, not to Ukrainian dialect. So, I’m here
and cheerful that everything turned out that way. – Was it troublesome to adjust to another
nation? – The reality has met my desires how I envisioned life in Ukraine, in a great way, of
course.When I came here I did not have friends or acquaintances here. I didn’t know Russian.
All the subjects at the university were in Russian: physics, chemistry, mathematics. So I had to
learn Russian in a very fast way, because the exams you should pass in Russian as well. It was
a great amount of practice which helped me to learn Russian fastly. I immediately got friends,
both Russian and foreigners. I was a fortunate one, as I lived in conjunction with an undergrad
at the room, I learned a parcel from him. Each evening we observed motion pictures in Russian.
I can not say that I caught on something, but, at long last, this propensity made a difference me
to memorize Russian. – You had a chance to remain in our lodgings, share your impressions.