Performance Improvement

ISS Due Diligence
Project Sophia
27 November 2008
Managing Distributed Content – Improved
Accelerate and optimise the course content execution of web-based training courses from
remote office PCs connected over a bandwidth limited WAN
Two Available Solutions:
Castify EBN (third-party solution)
Predistribute content to the remote offices and serve the learners directly from the office
While content can be served locally for best performance, dynamic data such as learner
progress must still be updated centrally in LSO
Castify offers course content distribution with its LSO integration modules for Castify
Enterprise Broadcast Network, including a dynamic proxy that resolves user-specific
requests to serve content to the individual user
SAP NetWeaver AccAD
Accelerated Application Delivery has integrated cache with caching patterns
Efficient compression mechanisms
On the application server, commodity tasks and processes can be offloaded
Follows software appliance approach – preconfigured and fast to install and setup
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Required Components for Castify EBN
Centralised Castify EBN Network Operation Centre (NOC), which controls all remote
content caches, and maintains a consistent global view on the status of EBN
A standard SQL database used by EBN NOC to persist configurations and status of
EBN. Database server can be shared with other applications
Distributed C-Routers which distribute content within EBN and integrate the content
server modules for the remote office learners
Castify SAP LSO Integration Modules which run on the C-Routers to serve SAP LSO
content to the learners
Castify SAP LSO Content Ingestion module to acquire automatically the content from
the central LSO platform and distribute this content to the remote C-Routers
Castify EBN Manager which is a Java application to configure and monitor the Castify
EBN solution and all remote C-Routers
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What Does it Look Like?
Traditional Centralised
LSO Implementation
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Decentralised LSO
Using Castify EBN
Transmission Times for Large Files in Typical
TCP Environment
Castify EBN resolves latency issues – content delivered by C-Routers are always based on local
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Application Aware Caching with SAP
NetWeaver AccAD
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Example Using SAP NetWeaver Portal
Knowledge Management
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Application Aware Caching Mechanisms
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These two approaches – Castify (caching) and SAP NetWeaver Accelerated
Application Delivery (caching and compression) – allow distributed content for the
purposes of faster execution
Neither solution addresses the concern of distributed authoring, and synchronisation
of distributed content repositories (CMS)
SAP Product Management statement:
If Linklaters have a scenario, where those "pushes" of content are heavily requested
and the current way of working is not sufficient, then we would be happy to look into
the implementation and work together on an improved behaviour for the next version
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Clarification of Web Services
Motivation for Web Services in LSO
Without Web Services, learning content would all have to be checked in via SCORM interface
and played via Learning Solution’s Content Player
With Web Services content can stay unconverted and played using original content player of
content provider
SAP training administrators can use web services to create and manage courses in
third party system without leaving the Learning Solution interface
Web Services available:
Fetch course catalog from external service provider based on search criteria
Add new course to catalog from external provider
Change course details in catalog from external provider
Delete course in catalog from external provider
More info at
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Integration with Microsoft Collaborative Suite
Integration Scenario
Course Enrollment
Knowledge Requestor
Knowledge Provider
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Integration Scenario
Learning Progress
Knowledge Requestor
Knowledge Provider
Thank you!
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