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What´s New? SAP HANA SPS 07
SAP HANA smart data access
(Delta from SPS 06 to SPS 07)
SAP HANA Product Management
November, 2013
Scope of Delta from SAP HANA SPS 06 to SPS 07
New or Improved smart data access Features
 Support for new Remote Sources such as Oracle and MS SQL
 Extended DML to Insert/Update/Delete on Virtual Tables
 Calc View Support for Virtual Tables
 Deliver Generic Adapter framework to extend additional Remote Sources
 ‘Remote Caching’ for Hadoop sources
 Support for CLOB & BLOB data types
 hdbsdautil – utility to debug Remote Source configuration
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New and Improved SDA Features
Expand Remote Source systems support
With SAP HANA SPS 07 smart data access will support new data
sources such as
 Oracle 12c
 Microsoft SQL Server ver11
 Hadoop Hortonworks HDP 1.3
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Extended DML support on Virtual Tables
• Support for inserting, updating, and deleting data in virtual tables.
• The inserted data is transferred to the remote database on-the-fly.
It is also updated transactionally on-the-fly and deleted on-the-fly
transactionally from the remote database.
• Insert/Update/Delete support is provided for the supported
Limitations: No support of inserts/ deletes / updates for BLOB / CLOB and No support of correlated queries
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Calc View support for Virtual Tables
• When creating a calculation view, it will be possible to add virtual tables
as data sources.
• Virtual tables can also be referenced by the calculation scenarios.
• The support for adding virtual tables in the calculation view can also be
done from SAP HANA Studio.
• Optimizations such as push down of filters is also supported is these
Calc scenarios.
Limitations: no support of aggregate / group by / order by function push down
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Remote caching for Hadoop sources
When SAP HANA dispatches a federated query to HIVE, it involves series of ‘map’ and ‘reduce’ job execution.
This could take few minutes to hours to complete a query depending on the data size in Hadoop and the
current cluster capacity.
In most cases, the data in Hadoop cluster is not frequently updated and successive execution of map/reduce
jobs might result in same tuples.
As of SPS 07, HANA allows this result view to be materialized in the remote system thus avoiding the repetitive
execution of the same query.
This behavior can be controlled by hinting the optimizer to use remote caching.
Select * from hive_activity_log where incident_type = ‘ERROR’ and plant =’001’ with hint (USE_REMOTE_CACHE)
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Generic Adapter Framework
• Add support for new ODBC data sources by providing connectivity
configuration files
CREATE SOURCE DB2sample adapter "odbc" CONFIGURATION FILE ‘dbs1.ini' using "Server=myDBsrv;Port=4100..."
• Sample Properties file entries
CAP_JOINS : true
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Configuration Validation Utility - hdbsdautil
• The utility check drivers and dependency files of given data source type.
• Can also connect to remote database with given credential information and run query with/without result set
• Syntax
hdbsdautil -t <data source type> -S <DSN or string> [-U <username> [-P <password>]] [-Q <SQL>] [-nr] [-info]
• Examples
hdbsdautil -t tdodbc -S "dsn=td_dsn" -U test -P test -info
Try to connect to a remote Teradata database with ODBC configuration in property file (e.g. ~/.odbc.ini)
With username and password specified
Dump ODBC information to console
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