Hochgeladen von Leslie Bohos


Maintenance mode
-Pressing respectively w/in 2 sec., function/set, *2864 button
-Holding the function/set or menu/set button before turning the machine on.
Without numeric keypad:
menu, monostart, 4 times arrow up
Models with resistive touch panel:
1. hold down the home key over 5 sec. on standby lcd status
2. hold down the button square area 2 sec.
3. press *2864
4. enter the maintenance mode
Service mode
01---Factory default/ reset
91---Factory reset/ except telephone storage
09---test print/ quality check
76---purge operation/ cleaning: (use in bad print)
0---head replacement
1---single purge
2---normal purge
3---power purge
4---initial init
Note: 0 & 4 is very consumeable in ink (4 mins)
Use power purge instead
13---operational check of keypad
32---sensor operational check:
DF---document front sensor
DR---doc. Rear sensor
CV---cover sensor
CC--- cartridge sensor
PI --- purge sensor
RS---rear sensor
Ink sensor:
IK---ink detection sensor black
IM-- Magenta
IC--- Cyan
IY--- yellow
EK---ink sensor level Black
55---scanner area set
Use when after replacement of scanner unit or main PCB
Error: AF--- alpha foxtrot
When scanner not found the plain white
59---CIS type set- scanner or main PCB
59/3/1 --- auto detect
651---alignment of vertical print line
Use when change of main PCB, print head, shadow printing
682580---input of head property data (head voltage)
Use when change of printer head or main PCB
74---country code – telephone function
77---printout of equipment log
Always need for warranty check
78---calibration of touch panel
80---display of equipment log
82---equipment error code indication
Replacing of main PCB:
1. install firmware (program) –important to do first
2. 74—country code
3. 59
4. 55
5. 682580
6. 651
7. 32
8. 09
9. 76
10. 1
11. input serial number
Replacing the head/ carriage unit
-All line of ‘2’ in error code is related to ink.
Ex. Error code 2f—cover is open
-All line of ‘3’ in error code is related in movement of head.
-encoder strip – dirt
-encoder disk—dirt
Error code 46 --- ink absorber full
Reset purge & flushing counts
1. maintenance mode
2. enter 80
3. find the purge (equipment list)
4. type 2783
5. count is reset (back to zero)
Error 48,49,4f:
1. Head cable—reconnect
2. Carriage flat cable---reconnect
3. carriage PCB defective--- replace PCB
4. head defective --- replace head/carriage unit
Laser printer
light amplification & stimulated emission of radiation
Toner & drum—are always separate
Drum --- has a long life
Toner --- last approx. 1000 pages
Drum--- last approx. 10,000 pages
Has photo conductor
Print out equipment log (77):
Laser jet without panel button
1. hold power button. while holding, open top cover
2. take out the drum unit & check the error led is lit
3. set the drum unit & close the top cover
4. press the button twice. Check that the error led is lit
5. press the button once to start the maintenance printing
How to check sensor test
Same as checking 77. Except procedure no. 4. Press button (once only)
HL printer --- are all the same maintenance mode
Except 110
Procedure maintenance mode:
Hold ‘go’ button
in HL 110 --- hold ‘go’ button, release button then press 3x
User setting:
upon power on, press ‘go’ button 3x (print test)
Print test
--Power off
--Once go button
Factory reset
---Hold ‘go’ button and press power ‘ON’ button (back side)
---press ‘go’ 8 times
Sensor test:
---Open cover
---Hold ‘go’ then press power ‘ON’ button
---Press once ‘GO’ button
---Close cover
---Then press once ‘go’ button
Maintenance mode:
---open cover
---hold ‘go’ button, press power switch
---press twice ‘go’ button
---close cover
---then press once ‘go’ button