Viviana Palumberi

Viviana Palumberi
[email protected]
21 Rheinsprung
Basel, CH 4051
Institute of Nautical Engineering, Savona
Qualified as apprentice captain (June 1996)
GPA: 60/60
University of Pavia, Italy
Bachelor of Mathematics
Graduation September 2000
GPA: 110/110 laude
Title of Thesis: "Su un sistema iperbolico con rilassamento
di interesse biomatematico"
Basel University
PhD – Mathematics(current): Project in biomathematics in
collaboration with the Tissue Engineering group,
Personal data:
Place and date of birth: Savona, Italy, 11.02.1977
Citizenship: Italian
Marital statue: Married (September 2000), one child (2006)
Relevant work experiences:
November 2000 - August 2003: programmer at Engeli informa
AG, Basel (programmes for UBS and National Versicherung
using C++ and sql)
October 2002 - present: Assistant and PhD student,
Basel University, Department of Mathematics
October 2007: Marie Heim-Vögtlin award for one year
Language skills:
Mother tongue Italian, good English and German, scholar
French and Spanish. Experienced in C, C++, Matlab, LateX.
Language exams in English (Cambridge Certificates):
2004: First Certificate FCE (level B2), grade A
2005: Advanced Certificate CAE (level C1), grade C
Language exams in German (Goethe Institute Certificates):
2002: Zertifikat Deutsch ZD (level B2), grad A
2004: Zertifikat Mittelstufe ZMP (level C1), grad B
2006: Zertifikat Oberstufe ZOP (level C2), grad B
Projects attended during the phD:
2005/2006: WIN-Women into industry, cross mentoring programm
between Novartis and the University of Basel
(Mentor: Mischa Reinhardt, Institute for
BioMedical Research, Novartis)
Courses taught as assistant:
1999: Analysis I (University of Pavia)
In Basel:
2002/2003: Mathematik für die Sekundarstufe I
2003: Einführung in der Numerik
2003/2004: Angewandte Analysis (Prof. Marcus Grote)
2003/2004: Einführung in die Statistik
2004: Angewandte Stochastik
2004: Numerik der gewöhnlichen Differentialgleichungen
2004/2005: Numerik II
2004/2005: Praktikum, Mathematik am Computer I
2005: Einführung in der Numerik
2005: Praktikum, Mathematik am Computer II
2005/2006: Praktikum, Mathematik am Computer I
2006: Praktikum, Mathematik am Computer II
2006: Mathematische Modelle in der Biologie und Medizin
Courses attended during the phD:
2002/2003: Finite Element Methods (University of Basel)
2004/2005: Zellbiologie (Biozentrum, University of Basel)
2005/2006: Biochemie Metabolismus (Biozentrum, Basel)
2005/2006: Makromoleküle, Grundlagen der Genetik und
Gen-Expression (Biozentrum, Basel)
Conferences attended:
July 2005: European Conference on Mathematical and
Theoretical Biology, Dresden (Poster presented)
April 2006: Colloque Numérique Suisse EPFL(Poster presented)
2007: ICIAM07, Zürich (Oral presentation)
October 2007: Biovalley Science Day, Basel(Poster presented)
1993: blue belt in judo
1999: brown belt in karate
2006-now: fellow of the association “Giovani per La Scienza”
(young people for the science) in the role of foreign
relations and organizer of scientific-technologic visits
March 2006: visit to the Kernkraftwerk in Bern (50 people)
Mai 2007: visit to Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse (90 people)
A.Barbero, V.Palumberi, B.Wagner, R.Sader, M.J.Grote and
I.Martin: “Experimental and Mathematical Study of the
Influence of Growth Factors on the Growth Kinetics of
Adult Human Articular Chondrocytes”, Journal of Cellular
Physiology, J Cell Physiol 2004.