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_ _ _ verben
how another verb is done.
• Modal verbs tell us ____
cannot exist in a sentence alone.
• Therefore they ______
six modal verbs in German.
• There are ____
second position in the
• The modal verb goes in _______
normal word order.
sentence, in line with ______
main verb goes to the end of the clause or
• The _____
infinitive form.
sentence in the ________
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1. Family life can be full of conflict.
kann voller Konflikte _____
sein .
Das Familienleben ______
2. Siblings should get along with each other.
sollen sich gut miteinander
Geschwister ________
Group game: say one word each in turn to make
similar sentences about families using modal verbs.
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• To say ‘must not’, use nicht and the verb dürfen.
• Nicht used with müssen conveys the sense of
1. Married couples must not get divorced lightly.
Ein Ehepaar darf sich nicht so einfach scheiden
2. Arguments needn’t mean the end of a marriage.
Streitigkeiten müssen nicht das Ende einer Ehe
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