Klasse 7 – Länder und Sprachen

Woher kommst du? Welche
Sprachen sprichst du?
Klasse 7 – Länder und Sprachen
Ich komme aus
Kanada. Ich spreche
Französisch und
Hallo. Ich heiße Mia. Ich bin zwölf Jahre alt und habe im Juni
Geburtstag. Ich spreche Englisch und Deutsch. Ich komme aus
Deutschland, aber ich wohne in Australien.
Your Task:
Find the German names for two more countries and languages in your dictionary or use class handouts and pages
14-15 in your textbook to select two countries and corresponding languages. You might also like to select some
appropriate cities for your characters to live in. Use these words in the little dialogue you will be writing below.
To set out your work, design a page showing the countries and languages of two people. Your page may be A4 or A3. It
must be neatly hand-written or typed, with correctly spelt words, pictures and speech bubbles to make it attractive
and easy to follow. Pay close attention to correct spelling, correct verb endings and the use of capitals for all German
nouns. You may choose to find maps and pictures with German names to go with your design, but this is not essential.
PART A: Select one of the little characters above or design one of your own. Your character may look like
you – or not!
Using a speech bubble like Mia above, get your character to introduce himself or herself in German, giving
name, country of origin, where he/she lives, age, birthday month and language/s spoken, just as Mia has
above. Your character should use the verbs heißen (to be called), sein (to be), haben (to have), sprechen
(to speak), kommen (to come) and wohnen (to live). See the table below to make sure you use the right
endings. For PART A you will need the endings that go with ich (first person).
PART B: Your little character now meets another young person from a different country and must
ask the other person about himself or herself. Get your character to ask five questions, using the
du form (second person).
W-question words: wie (how) – woher (where…from) – wo (where) –
wann (when) – welche (which)
Hallo! Ich…
PART C: Your character’s new friend now answers the questions in Part B, using the first person
form of the verbs below that go with ich. If you like, you can intertwine the questions in Part B with the
answers in Part C, using little speech bubbles and setting your work out like a cartoon or set of
First person
Second person
ich heiße
du heißt
Verbs for this Task
ich bin ich habe ich komme
du bist du hast
du kommst
Example: Part A
Example: Part B
Guten Tag. Ich
______ Hannah.
Ich komme aus
_________. Ich
wohne in
Hallo! Wie ______
du? Woher ______
du? Wie alt ______
du? Wo ________
du? Welche
Sprachen _______
ich wohne
du wohnst
ich spreche
du sprichst
Example: Part C
Hallo! Ich heiße
______. Ich _____
dreizehn Jahre alt.
Ich komme aus
______ und ich
______ Englisch
und _______.